Summer Stock Austin (SSA) is unique in its mission of combining college and high school performers into a one-of-a-kind theatre company, and providing an unparalleled learning opportunity for all of its members.

SSA’s annual operating budget is $185,000. Approximately 30% ($55,000) of this budget is spent on bringing a nationally recognized production staff (directors, designers, production managers, etc.) to share their professional experience with the students. These professionals also serve as advisors to SSA’s Collegiate Mentors Program. In addition, 7% ($13,000) of the budget is used to hire qualified college performers and technicians to teach, advise and mentor the high school students in all areas of production. It is this “hands on” learning that makes SSA a truly unique program.

Where Does the Money Go?

In order to attract and retain the best and most talented students, SSA does not charge tuition to defray production costs, but instead relies on individuals, companies, and foundations to fund its unique mission. SSA is committed to reaching out to all students throughout the greater Austin area and accepting candidates based on talent and potential, regardless of their family’s ability to pay. SSA believes strongly in the integrity of a balanced student population, with all members contributing at equal levels. 

In an effort to find qualified students and foster diversity in the program, SSA currently spends 1% ($1,000) of its operating budget on advertising its auditions. This cost is kept low thanks to the tireless work and dedication of so many volunteers.

"Theatre For All," our original musical for family audiences, provides free and significantly discounted tickets to approximately 200-250 underserved groups over two weeks. "Theatre For All" will constitute approximately 15% ($27,750) of the SSA Annual Operating budget.

The remaining 48% ($88,250) of SSA’s operating budget are spent in the area of production costs (set, lighting, and costumes), facility rental and advertising. Ticket sales cover these production expenses.

We rely on individual and corporate donations, foundation grants, and silent and live auction proceeds to fund the remainder of the budget.


Become a Donor

Donations can be made to support Summer Stock Austin, a part of the Long Center Education and Outreach Program. The Long Center is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization and therefore all donations are tax-deductible. No gift is too small. 

Become a Performance Underwriter

Sponsor a performance. For $5000 (excluding opening and closing nights), you may bring 30 guests to a performance that will include a pre-show reception with members of the cast.